Hello! Thank you for visiting my site. I’ve been working professionally in the mind-body field for 15 years and I have extensive experience helping people get out of pain, especially those who have tried everything to no avail. I offer an unique understanding of the underlying emotional and energetic root causes of pain, symptoms, and disease, as well as life and emotional issues. Working with me may result in the following benefits:

Freedom in your body – from pain, tension, and stress

The ability to connect with your body and release pain on the spot, on your own

Freedom in your mind – fewer intrusive thoughts and less spinning or “monkey mind”

You’ll have less anxiety and fewer emotional overreactions

You’ll look at your life and feel content, knowing you’re exactly where you’re meant to be

You’ll be more motivated and productive as you release inner blocks to taking your next steps

You’ll feel more connected to your intuition and aware of synchronicities in your life

The work I do is based on my connection with you and each session has its own unique magic – no two are the same! I consider our work together to be sacred and strive to create a safe space of the highest integrity. With your feedback and my years of experience discovering which healing techniques are needed, I tune into your body and energy field to determine what will bring the most ease and transformation to your system. All of these healing technologies can be experienced remotely, with the exception of Network Spinal Chiropractic Care which much be done in person. Some of my most frequently used technologies are: