Hello! Thank you for visiting my site. I’ve been working professionally in the mind-body field for 14 years and have been on a deep path of healing for my body and soul for 20 years. I’ve studied with several luminaries and mind-body doctors, including Dr. Lumenaria Goyer, Dr. Donald Epstein, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

I’ve dedicated my life to my spiritual growth and the gentle confrontation of my shadow and false ego. My mission is to embody the pure love and light of soul in all my endeavors. It’s a work in progress! My deepest prayer is answered when my clients feel empowered in their life and health, and connected to their own deeper inner truth.

I have extensive experience helping people get out of pain, especially those who have tried everything to no avail. I offer an unique understanding of the underlying emotional and energetic root causes of pain, symptoms, disease, and life issues. My style is gentle and honoring yet powerful, and I work with people of all faiths and traditions.

The work I do is based on my connection with you and each session has its own unique magic – no two are the same! I consider our work together to be sacred and strive to create a safe space of the highest integrity. With your feedback and my years of experience discovering which personal gifts are needed, I tune into your body and energy field to determine what will bring the most ease and transformation to your system. Some of my most frequently used modalities are:

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