Dr. Amanda Andersen’s online sessions supported me tremendously when I went through a long dental surgery journey. The work we did prior to the surgery helped me to be in a place of complete relaxation and trust during the surgery, which then assisted my body to heal faster after it was complete. Throughout my work with her, I’ve discovered Dr. Amanda’s intuitive skills and capacity to take a deep dive into the origins and energy surrounding an illness or issue are remarkable. She is a true healer with her gifts that work on all levels of wholeness: body, mind, and spirit, so that the transformation is complete and your life can be improved beautifully. Her gentle and heartfelt way of being holds you through the process in a way that you feel cared for and safe. I encourage anyone who is facing emotional difficulties, pain, upcoming surgery, or other challenges in their life to work with Dr. Amanda. She knows how to get to the heart of the issue so that you can see real change in your life.

– Nikole, Director of the Life Transformed coaching program

Dr. Amanda has helped me to heal chronic back and hip pain that was a struggle to cope with for years of my life. I am so grateful to have found an alternative to surgeries and pain medications – and the promise of worsening pain throughout my life – that other doctors advised me to expect! I have also experienced alleviation of chronic anxiety and depression symptoms. I feel more of a sense of calm and ease in my body. Working with her has helped me to develop mind-body connection that helps me work with, rather than against myself. I have a greater understanding of my physical and emotional needs. I am more able to receive the messages my body is sending me through various sensations. I would absolutely recommend others work with Dr. Amanda. She is calm, caring, and offers a variety of opportunities for healing that she skillfully adapts to whatever needs are arising. I always appreciate her compassionate, steadfast energy, and have benefited tremendously from her expertise.

– Whitney, Licensed Counselor and Art Therapist

Dr. Amanda has been a cause for pure transformation in my physical, spiritual, emotional, and family life. I struggled with the loss of my father and was also unable to communicate in a personal relationship, causing depression and anxiety. Dr. Amanda helped me become aware of the connection between my emotional and physical body and helped me to heal my current and past relationships and my emotional and physical body all in one session. My experience of that healing session felt miraculous as I had lost hope for that relationship. Also, Dr. Amanda helped me become aware of my heart and mind’s connection that did not allow my physical body to heal. In another session, I was able to heal close relationships that had been causing extreme heartache and felt impossible to mend. Dr. Amanda never ceases to amaze me with her intuition and her ability to heal my body, heart, and soul. Her sense of love, care, and connection to my higher self and me are unexplainable and profoundly transformative. I highly recommend Dr. Amanda to anyone who wants to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually with a unique process of network chiropractic, reiki, or other modalities depending on your circumstances. Dr. Amanda is a phenomenal healer and I recommend her to any family or friend that wants true, whole, and complete healing.

– Monica, Doctor of Educational Leadership