Beneficial frequencies invoked to support your advanced evolution.

Developed by Lumenaria Goyer, PhD, Sacred Geometric Light Emanations are spiritual technologies that invoke kinetic, living light structures. Specific combinations of Light Emanations/Flames and Geometries are called within or around the body or energy field of an individual, couple, group, system, or organization. These structures communicate directly with the body and energy, bypassing the limits of verbal language. They awaken evolutionary frequencies to release and transform old, outdated, or dense patterns and help individuals to recognize when their higher self is communicating with them.

What do they do?

  • Rapidly resolve energetic blocks and persistent, pervasive patterns
  • Promote greater perspective and less reactiveness
  • Enhance capacity for centeredness and focus
  • Eliminate noxious symptoms
  • Establish beneficial energetic boundaries
  • Facilitate rapid movement beyond previous states of being
  • Activate the Soul or light body
  • Foster spiritual expansion and life mastery
  • Entrain the body for enlightenment
  • Strengthen lines of communication with the Higher Self/Divine
  • Sensitize the subtle body’s receptors at the pituitary gland to receive higher frequencies