Founded by Dr. Donald Epstein, Network Spinal is a gentle style of chiropractic that teaches your body how to self-adjust and self-release its pain and tension. It offers a deep release of physical, mental / emotional, and chemical stress and trauma as the body shifts from fight or flight stress mode into parasympathetic rest, rejuvenate, and heal mode. As these stresses release, most people report feeling better than they ever thought possible. Please note: This is the only technology offered by Dr. Amanda that requires in-person work.


  • Significantly less pain and muscular tightness
  • Deeper, fuller, easier breathing
  • Healthier, more upright posture
  • More energy, stamina, and joy
  • More love for yourself and others
  • Better focus and willpower
  • Better decision making
  • Enhanced experience of the 5 (or 6!) senses
  • Increased productivity and creativity
  • Better relationships
  • Increased sense of purpose
  • More connection with all of life