Your Body is Telling You How to Heal

You Just Need to
Decode the Message

I want to teach you to be your own doctor.

After giving over 35,000 healing sessions for people on the spiritual path over the last 16 years I’ve learned some deep and powerful truths about how we break out of cycles of pain and sickness.

Your body does the healing, but the mind, body and soul have to come into alignment so the body CAN heal.

Listen to This Free Meditation⬇️

This 10 minute guided meditation is going to show you how to connect to the wisdom of your body. Your Body already knows how to heal. 


It’s your job to learn to listen to what the body is saying so you and your body can be good healing partners.


This meditation will do exactly that and help you finally kickstart deeper healing of your pain, now.

How Do I Use This Free Meditation?

This 10 minute meditation is going to take you through a very simple but very powerful exercise to 


●   Connect to the calm and ease beneath the pain


●   Find your “Inner Healer”,  waiting to be unleashed and kickstart your healing process, now


●   Help you get more connected to WHY this pain is here and why it has been lingering


You’ll leave this meditaton feeling more calm, powerful and peaceful.

This is a beautiful meditation!

When I tuned into my pain I got that I need to stop being so rigid all the time and be more grateful and playful.

– Jamie M.

A Burst of Energy!

In this peaceful meditation I noticed I have so many walls built up surrounding my Crohn’s pain that I felt numb.It was a very interesting shift to a lighter state.

– Lindsay F.

I’ve Learned So Much!

 I rarely experience back pain anymore and when I do, I’ve learned to listen to the cues my body is sending me and this allows me to take better care of myself.

– Sarah P.

Dr. Amanda Andersen

I’ve spent the last 16 years as a Doctor and Healer to come to these fundamental core beliefs…

●   Everybody can heal

●   Connection and Alignment preceed healing

●   The more empowered you are, the faster you heal

●   You’ve got to feel what’s going on, to heal what’s going on

This meditation distills the wisdom from over 35,000 healing sessions I’ve given over the past 16 years. 

Using this exact method I’ve seen people have immediate, radical healings as their awareness and energy re-align to what their body really needs. 

I originally started working with Dr. Amanda due to unexplained back pain. I was having consistent, sporadic pain in different areas of my back. My sense was that the pain was related to a significant and stressful life event at the time. Through working with Dr. Amanda I have learned so much about how I hold stress in my body. I rarely experience back pain anymore and when I do, I’ve learned to listen to the cues my body is sending me and this allows me to take better care of myself. Dr. Amanda has facilitated an awakening within me and she emporwers me to face all parts of myself. My weekly sessions are an essential part of my self care. Dr. Amanda truly sees me and I feel taken care of!

Sarah P.Sarah P.

Dr. Amanda was a very important part in beginning my journey of self discovery and self awareness. She guided me into taking back my power and not being a victim of life, and instead turning my pain into strength. I have learned that I am worthy of this life, I am the starring role in my movie, and I have the magic to create my own dream reality. Dr. Amanda is a great listener and personalizes treatment to who I am and what I need, and brings a lot of compassion.

Sydney D.Sydney D.

I am astounded by the results I have gotten from Dr. Amanda’s care over the last six months. I was taking 600mg of daily anxiety medication for almost 10 years. I no longer take any medication and I am doing great! I did not ever consider this to be a possibility. My 10 years of chronic body pain has dropped to an all-time low and I got off taking pain medication too! My body is stronger and more relaxed. I have tried so many things with conventional and alternative medicine over the years, including traveling the globe visiting health care practitioners. Dr. Amanda’s work has produced the most results!

Dave C.Dave C.

In nearly two years under the care of Dr. Amanda Andersen, I’ve gone through incredible shifts in nearly every area of my life. Certainly working with her has improved my physical health, but her work goes well beyond the physical. Just as my body feels better and more capable, my mind is also more agile and my spirit is lighter. The best was to summarize the change I’ve experienced is that I am living more in touch with my true self and am much closer to realizing my full potential. Prior to seeing Dr. Amanda, I had the privilege of working with other, very gifted doctors. Dr. Amanda stands out among all of them with the presence and dedication she brings to every single session. Her commitment to her world and clients’ wellbeing is unwavering.

Dan D.Dan D.

Dr. Amanda is a caring and experienced practitioner. She brings to our sessions warmth and knowledge, accompanied by an uncanny level of wisdom. Experiencing her sessions has brought me a dramatic reduction of chronic pain and a greater sense of ease in my life. At the onset of my sessions with her, I was experiencing shoulder and back pain on a nearly daily basis. My strategies at that time were to ignore the pain and try to move on, use medication, or massage. Nothing provided me with the long term reduction or elimination of the nagging pain. Dr. Amanda’s sessions have changed my life and I am happy to report a significant reduction in pain. When pain arises I have a completely different attitude towards it. I now have the tools to understand and support the pain with the strategies I’ve learned. Since our work encompasses the entire body and soul my outlook toward life has also changed. I wake up feeling well. I move through my day with joy and a greater ability to bring ease to the stressors of daily living. The growth I have developed in my mind-body awareness has provided me with a better quality of living and a more genuine and positive lifestyle. I feel grateful to be under Dr. Amanda’s care. Enjoy your experience!

Diane V.Diane V.

I initially started working with Dr. Amanda a couple years ago with a main complaint of long-standing neck pain. Conventional doctors were recommending steroid injections and I did not want to go down that path. In a short period of time, I noticed that vertebrae were moving in my neck and back that I had long forgotten they even had the ability to do! I am constantly amazed at how much her gentle healing approach has helped me physically and has impacted not just my neck, but entire spine and flexibility. 

Additionally, my sessions with Dr. Amanda have helped me tune into my body and stuck emotional energy to remove blockages and enhance my healing of mind, body and spirit. I feel more empowered to make changes in my life, my body feels stronger, much more flexible, and I have the energy to start working out again.

I recommend Dr. Amanda to anyone I talk to. I love her commitment to my health and healing. Working on oneself takes courage and commitment, and Dr. Amanda has been there with me every step of the way.

Leann M.Leann M.

I have been working with Dr. Amanda Andersen for the past four months. I have had back pain for a long time, and hip pain after a fall one year ago. I was feeling tired and depressed due to my immobility. After working with Dr. Amanda, my whole physical being has improved. I am able to walk better, still with a cane, but with less pain and I am able to walk longer distances. I feel more relaxed, have more energy, and my depression is gone! I am more aware of my surroundings and I enjoy the beauty of nature and I hear the birds again. I am also more social and make conversations with strangers in stores, on the train, etc. I have even started working on call after a whole year of being off. I am very fortunate to have found Dr. Amanda Andersen, and will continue my sessions with her.

Peggy R.Peggy R.

Your Body Is Designed To Heal,
Remind it How ⬇️