Is your life flowing?

Do you hear and trust your inner guidance?

Do you want to feel more clear and certain?

Healing for the Advanced Soul in St Centennial, CO

Welcome to Healing for the Advanced Soul

Healing for the Advanced Soul is a mind-body healing organization aimed at helping you to feel fully supported by and in harmony with life, and to live with passion, soul-directed purpose, and ever increasing joy. Founder Dr. Amanda Andersen offers grounded, practical support for healing your body and heart in a non-judgmental and unconditionally loving space. Together you will uncover the emotional and/or energetic roots of whatever pain, body symptom, or life issue you’re having. Most of the transformational tools utilized are body-based, meaning they use parts of your body that are working well as a resource for your healing.

You’ll also receive support in decoding and understanding life’s messages to see how events in your life are working in harmony to support your evolution to healing. Know in your bones the universe has your back!

Benefits of the work:

  • Increased emotional freedom and agility
  • Profound healing of the physical body
  • More comfort and ease from physical pain and tension
  • More joy and sense of fulfillment
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved clarity, motivation, and productivity
  • Improved response to physical and mental/emotional stress
  • Greater sense of connection with your soul and the souls of others
  • More awareness of synchronicities
  • Increased sense of flow and direction in life
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