Do you want to feel certain you’re on the right path?

Do you want to hear and trust your inner guidance?

Do you have an underlying sense that something’s not ok?

You were born to experience trust in life and a sense that you’re guided and on the right path.

Unfortunately as we move through life we accumulate more physical, emotional, and chemical stress than the body can handle. This overwhelms our system and causes us to get more rigid and armored in our body and we can get stuck in fight or flight mode. This makes it hard to access our own inner guidance and can lead to body pain and tension, emotional reactivity, undesirable habits, and feeling like something is off.

I’m here to help guide you in lifting the accumulated armor of unprocessed stress so you can finally feel free in your body and mind and easily access your intuition and spiritual connection.

Healing for the Advanced Soul in St Centennial, CO

Hi, I’m Dr. Amanda Andersen. I help people to feel that everything is ok and deeply trust themselves. I do this by creating more ease and flow in the nervous system and softening tension in the body through network spinal care and energy healing.

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Benefits of the work:

  • Less pain and tension/tightness
  • Greater trust in life and yourself
  • Certainty you’re on the right path
  • More power to impact your life and the lives of others
  • More power to set the tone for your relationships and family
  • Increased emotional freedom and agility
  • Profound healing of the physical body
  • More joy and sense of fulfillment
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved clarity, motivation, and productivity
  • Improved response to physical and mental/emotional stress
  • Greater sense of connection with your soul and the souls of others
  • More awareness of synchronicities
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